About Us

Indo Fins is a small, Balinese surf fin company, hand producing fiberglass surf fins one set at a time as ordered. We are very, very thankful to our customers for keeping our small business alive and will continue to try very hard to keep you satisfied and happy in the surf!

Until recently, a hoaxter was using IndoFins.com as some kind of weird joke and portraying us in a very strange light. It was two years of stress as we waited for him to release the name. His name is Jacyntah Boldy and we have no idea why he made a hoax website and portrayed us as fanatic Muslims. I would love to meet this guy and find out why he did what he did. He has a blog, http://www.bimbogan.com/, and it’s easy to see this guy has issues … if anyone has any information regarding his intentions, we’d be interested to know …. Sorry for all the inconvenience he’s caused ….